Are stress and inflammation
taking a toll on your mind and body?

Restore your gut and optimize your health with Integrative Nutrition Solutions from GI Jennifer and her team. 

Is Daily GI Discomfort Disrupting Your Life?

Life can become debilitating when you constantly feel like your gut is going to explode—either from belly bloat, constipation, diarrhea, gas, or tummy troubles. The everyday becomes unmanageable with the constant worry of where the next bathroom is or if a meal will make you sick. The internal stress in your gut begins to make your mental health run down the drain—constantly lethargic, fatigued, and foggy feeling. After trying a multitude of medications and lifestyle changes, nothing is making your gut or brain feel better. How you feel is impacting your interactions at home, work, school, and beyond. Does this sound familiar?  Get back to good with GI Jennifer.

    Restoring Your Gut to Enhance Your Life

    When you work with GI Jennifer and her colleagues, life becomes manageable. Through Integrative Nutrition Solutions, you can be relieved of the GI discomfort, internal stress, and inflammation that make life unmanageable. At Integrative Nutrition Solutions, we focus on personalized interventions to help you optimize your health. Get back to good with GI Jennifer.


      Let’s Work Together

      Nutrition Therapy

      Receive a personalized nutrition plan that gets you back to optimal health.

      vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient analysis
      Nutrigenetic & Functional Nutrition Lab Tests

      Utilize tools that shed light on the root cause of your problems.

      Food and Supplement Recommendations 

      Take charge of your health with a customized approach to food modifications and supplements.

      Client Successes

      You feel isolated and helpless when you are diagnosed with a life-changing disorder. She gave me hope… I thank Jennifer for making me feel like I can be normal again.

      Five years ago, I was diagnosed with Idiopathic Gastroparesis. I was at the healthiest I had ever been when I was struck with this disease. Suddenly, my whole life had to change. The food that was the healthiest for me, I could no longer eat. The Dr. that diagnosed me wasn’t very helpful—just gave me a list of foods I could no longer eat because I could not digest them. I was sent into months of long depression. I felt there was no help for me. Fast forward to recently, when I reached out to Jennifer, letting her know that for five years, I have not been able to eat foods that my body and mind need to function. I told her I needed options. She was so understanding and compassionate. I felt at ease. You feel isolated and helpless when you are diagnosed with a life-changing disorder. She gave me hope. She gave me ideas and suggestions on how to bring foods back into my life—food and a couple of natural supplements that I had never heard of. I am now eating foods that I have missed horribly in my life! I thank Jennifer for making me feel like I can be normal again… I wish I would have found her five years ago!

      – Debbie R.

      Client Successes

      Feel good, look good, and get your life back.

      Jennifer has been a great assistance to me over the years with my autoimmune diseases, IBS, food allergy/intolerances, IC, and chronic fatigue. If you are walking around feeling tired, with no energy, and miserable all the time and your doctors cannot find anything wrong with you (other than to suggest that you are “anxious or depressed”), it could likely be what you are
      eating/drinking. Jennifer can change all that for you with a personalized nutrition plan. Feel good, look good, and get your life back.

      – Julia K.

      Client Successes

      Her knowledge of tests, supplements and diet is supreme.

      Jennifer helped me get my health back by healing my gut with a proper diet and supplements. Her knowledge of tests, supplements, and diet is supreme. She is attentive and interested in helping anyone make a positive life change. She is well worth the investment.

      – CL Dodson

      hi there!

      I’m GI Jennifer


      I have over 30 years experience as a dietitian in GI health. After working with clients suffering with long-term GI discomfort, my clients finally find relief in Integrative Nutrition Solutions that address the root cause of their discomforts. I am passionate about helping people see how the food they eat directly influences the health of their gut and ultimately their overall well-being.


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