Hello, I’m GI Jennifer, better known as Jennifer Masters.  I’m an integrative and functional nutrition expert, and there’s a good chance that I can help you feel better and find freedom from some of the problems that make it difficult for you to enjoy life.



IBS — Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you spend more time on the toilet than you do with your friends?

• Tummy Troubles?
• Constipated?
• Belly Bloat?
• Gas?
• Diarrhea?

Let GI Jennifer calm your IBS storm.




Does your child struggle with:
• Autism?
• GI Issues?
• Tummy Troubles?

Need help creating home blends for tube feeding?

I have over 30 years experience in pediatrics and GI nutrition.
I would love to be your partner in optimizing your child’s health.



Food Intolerance

Is your food making you sick?
• Histamine?
• Gluten?
• Lectins?
• Allergies?
• Food Sensitivities?

Identify your problem foods.
I offer a “10-Day Turn Around” using my Elimination Diet Protocols.



Chronic Yeast Infections

Do you suffer from:
• Fatigue?
• Sugar & Carb Cravings?
• Brain Fog?
• Leaky Gut?

If yes, then try my 30 day Anti-Yeast Protocol.